The Natural Freedivers – we are a non profit association created by a group of friends who share the passion for apnea.

Our mission is to promote recreational freediving in a harmony with nature.

For us freediving is something more than a sport or leisure activity. It is a style of life that helps us to reach new sensations in a search of inner self through the unity with water that allows us to disconnect from stress and daily life routine.

Unfortunately Apnea is still a Niche and still does not have good exposure. Its image has been a bit distorted from reality due to the media that shows us as super humans beating records and forcing their bodies to unsuspected limits. That means that freediving is perceived by the majority as an extreme, even a scary sport and as a as a consequence.

not attractive for the majority of people as the they think it requires some extraordinary skills and its not suitable for an average person. Will my heart resist? Will my lungs explode due to pressure? And what if get my brain damaged due to not breathing or may I become stupid?!!! These questions we hear on a daily basis and it is not surprising, as there is very little education and viable information available.

The reality is that freediving is much more that beating the records. And for that reason we want to build bridges so that anyone can experience freediving sensations in a secure and comfortable way.

But why….

When they ask us, Why do you do it? What do you get it by doing it? Not breathing?!

That is not normal!!!! To dive deep???? To stay under the water for long???????

But why????????????

Well… the fact is that it is not so easy to explain ….

Apnea is about sensations and emotions, and those can´t be explained. They can be experienced.

Sea calms us down, water has purifying properties. Those facts have been known since ages across all the cultures, all around the world. Freediving is the most pure way that allows us to connect with the water and to go back to the world of nature, the world we originate.

Freediving allows us to connect with our innerselves, to connect with our body and our mind. The contact with water provide us with some incredible sensations; disconnecting from everything else, leaving all the trivial things and all the stress aside, leaving us in a state of profound relaxation.

But its not only about pleasure… 😉

It is also about learning about oneself, overcoming mental blocks and physical limitation and finally about personal self-improvement.

Despite the fact that freediving has became known thanks to records and competitions, in reality for the majority of freedivers it is something very personal. It is about YOU, about YOUR limits and YOUR challenges. It is a style of life, because all its connected and all matters; respiration, relaxation, mental harmony, but also; what we eat, if we are fit and healthy, etc.,

For us freediving is a healthy drug  and we want to promote it so that more people get to know it.

As has been mentioned already, we are a non profit organisation and we want all the activities that we do to be accesible for everyone, therefore the majority of them are free, others will help us to maintain the costs of our association.

We are looking forward to meeting you in the water!!!

Water is life!!!