About us

The Natural Freedivers – we are a non-profit association created by a group of friends who share the passion for freediving and the sea. Our mission is to promote freediving so that everybody can discover the magic of this sport.

What do we do?

From the association, we carry out various activities such as initiation workshops for those who would like to get a taste of freediving – Natural Apnea Experience – focused on freediving as a means of relaxation, such as advanced workshops for freedivers, specific freediving workshops for athletes, for example for swimmers or surfers – Natural Surf Survival.

Our association also promotes environmental awareness by organizing educational talks and projects to increase environmental awareness. We regularly organize beach and sea cleanups, by ourselves or in colaboration with other organizations.

Cultural activities: we organize movie screenings focused on the topic of freediving and protection of the ocean and its inhabitants.

We collaborate with Club Apnea Barcelona.