Since the beginning of its foundation the Natural Freedivers have been fighting for the protection of marine life and its environment. But we also can not be blind to human suffering. Human lives matter to us equally. We are deeply concerned with the tragedy happening now in Gaza. We cannot be passive seeing what is happening in the Middle East, the injustice that the Palestinian people are suffering, and where women and children are the most vulnerable. For this reason, the association launched a Freedivers project for Gaza: a series of solidarity workshops to demonstrate our solidarity with the Palestinians who are going through difficult times, leaving aside political opinions, since the only vision we can have now is that we feel deep sadness when we see the massacre of the people who are suffering by the government of Israel.

As we are freedivers, this project we would like to focus on people like us, the people who love sport. In each of the workshops, we would like to present stories of sports groups or individuals who, despite the tragedies they are suffering, do not stop fighting for the dreams.

100% of the profit from the workshop we destine to humanitarian aid to the victims of Gaza collaborating with local organizations or individuals on the ground..

We held our first solidarity workshop on November 26 and we dedicated it to Gaza Sunbirds, a sports group of disabled cyclists from Gaza who, instead of training, are dedicating their time and efforts despite the very difficult conditions, distributing humanitarian aid to the victims of the conflict.

The story of the Gaza Sunbirds you can see in this short documentry from 2018.