II Workshop DNF

The second solidarity workshop of the Freedivers for Gaza series was focused on competition discipline – apnea dynamic no fins (DNF), the purest and most technical discipline of indoor freediving. For this occasion we invited our friend and a great freediver Tomas Valdes, ex-competition swimmer, martial arts champion and Spanish champion in this discipline of freediving. Tomas, known for his obsession with details and technical aspects, taught part of his secrets and worked with each of the participants polishing the details of the stroke and the DNF kick. And it was a great success, as almost all of the participants  managed to improve their times and distances significantly in just one day. 

This workshop was dedicated to the Gaza swimmers who share with us the love for the sea and for whom the water is an escape from the daily life struggles. 

During the workshop we shared a very beautiful and inspiring story of a coach Amjet Tantish and his team, the story of big dreams and hope, overcoming obstacles and the incredible mental strength of people who never give up. 

Amjet is a Palestinian swimmer from Gaza who, not being able to achieve his dream of representing Palestine in the Olympic Games, decided to transfer it to future generations. He founded ”Gaza intended swimming Olympic team” and over the years he taught thousands of children to swim, not only inspiring them to dream big, but above all helping them in the process of recovery after the traumas they lived through during several wars in Gaza. 

As we know, sport can be a powerful tool of finding a new purpose in life and water heals everything, for many children swimming served as a very successful post-traumatic therapy.

The story of the Gaza swimmers is the story of people who refuse to throw in the towel, regardles the circumstances, a story that give hope … And even now… Despite of what they have lived through in the last 5 months, they don not give up on their dreams.

Amjet says ”If I survived, I plan  to implement the largest ever childrens’ swimming program that will include thousands of war-afflicted children and orphans of war!’’

We’ve been deeply moved and inspired by this story and we would like to help somehow…

‘’Without caring for the people that were collaborating witin my swimming initiative in the past years, I won’t be able to achieve anything! So, caring for my swimming team members and assistants swimming teachers and other supporter members is my first priority!” says Amjet.

He, his students and coaches live in tents in Rafah in southern Gaza, they had to evacuate from their homes in Beith Lahia, they lost everything and many of them were left without any source of income. As we know Gaza is suffering a major humanitarian catastrophe. And a severe famine became a reality. Humanitarian aid is hardly reaching the Strip and what is entering is not enough. Luckily there is still local food production in Rafah but prices have tripled and for most people without income it is inaccessible.

100% of the profit from this workshop will be destined to help the swimming team members; the children, the coaches, the assistants and their families to survive the war to be able to continue swimming and teaching swimming when it is all over.

Thanks to all the workshop participants for being part of this initiative!

If you want to know more about the story of the Gaza swimmers click the link.